Patrik Bystrický EN



Study programme: Applied Informatics and Automation in Industry

Bachelor thesis topic:Driving CNC model by stepper motor controled ATMEGA2560

Technical skills: proposal and simulation of circuits, its realization and operation, programming of development boards Arduino

Minerva projects:E-health platform

Hobbies:exploring of new places, technologies, searching for new ideas

About me: I used to attend Secondary School of Electrical in Nové Zámky. After graduating at high school, I went to Faculty of Information Technology STU. Ultimately I decided to change my faculty to Faculty of Materials Science and Technology at the same university STU, where I could fully showed my potencial and enjoy study. In addition to study, I successfully absolved several competitions aimed to electrotechnics. As a part of this group I can say that it helped me in self-developing and improving my skills.

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