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About me: In my life I’ve got through many tasks in various teams and companies – before, duringand after my University studies. I’ve been programmer, analyst, and project manager. Some people say talent is the most important things. Some say it is intellect. I say that human is important, human and his will – the will to stand up after every fall and to follow your resolution. And not to act superior and not to forget that intellect has nothing to do with titles before or after your name. I personally know many clever and wise people without titles and many stupid with them. About us: ​ The Minerva Group is a team of young and hopeful students and graduants mostly from MTF STU in Trnava. We look for our own projects, ways of funding, personal self fulfilment a developing knowledge on projects for which there is no time in the school. We try to not depend on others, we begin on our own. We want to fill what’s between University and studies, between teacher and student. We believe there are many students who want to learn – more than others, even in their free time. Someone wants to write articles, someone to program applications, to work with microelectonics, to do math, to model. We co-work with other student organisations in Slovakia and abroad and we want to develop this collaboration in the future. We do things we see purpose and import in – not because of Money, or because we have to, but because we can and because we want. And maybe the ones that will arise from us will help another – in Minerva, in their community, the student or the human being who wants and doesn’t know how or the one who doesn’t have enough possibilities. Just because they know they can help and they see hope and sense in doing so. Like I see all of that in you – in Minerva. Mission of the Minerva Group:

  • to develop manners, character, personality and knowledge of hopeful students, graduates and other members. To prepare them for the next step
  • future work, gradual studies, or their own projects;
  • to realise research, development, social and charitable projects;
  • to advertise results and aims of the group and students via contests, actions, meetings and articles;
  • to build up area, base and tradition for future generations of students and graduates;
  • to stick on statement „Cogito, ergo sum“;
  • to look high, but not to look down on people.

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